Connor & Hana


We're getting married!

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June 8, 2024

South San Francisco, Ca
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How We Met

We met at Connor's 2 month doctors check in and Hana's 1 week old check in. Our parents saw each other in the waiting room and made us say hi in our carriers. Since that visit, we have been in each others lives in one way or another!

The Friendship Begins

From Neighbors to Friends

In third grade we ended up living across the street from each other! This started the friendship that changed our lives. We used to spend our days hanging out after school and creating the relationship that we cherish today!

The Story Continues

From Middle School Best Friends to Forever Partners

We were always involved in each others lives, whether we were little boyfriend and girlfriend or best friends. We grew up with each other and have learned to grow with each other throughout our middle school and high school years.

The Proposal

We have always had so much love for each other, and that only became more apparent as we got older. We became inseparable, and it was clear that we were meant to be life partners. On a trip to Lake Tahoe, Connor surprised Hana with the most amazing proposal!