Haley & Jeremy


Jeremy Baker


Haley Scott

May 27, 2023

Conover, NC
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The story

Haley and Jeremy met in late 2018 when Haley deployed with the Navy to the command Jeremy was stationed at. Jeremy remembers seeing Haley in the gym the day she showed up and thinking she had remarkable blue eyes. They never really spoke until early 2019, when Jeremy *alleges* he said hi to Haley in a hallway during a work trip, and Haley *allegedly* ignored him. Haley disputes this and has no recollection of the event. They became best friends while deployed to a combat zone in east Africa. Jeremy was the drone pilot, Haley the intel analyst. They spent hours stalking bad guys and joking around. When they came home, Haley returned to her job in Washington, D.C., and Jeremy continued working in Virginia Beach. The pandemic hit and Haley decided to take a risk and leave the capitol region for a new job, closer to Jeremy. They moved in together, merged their households/pets (Gunner, Haley's dog, and Inky, Jeremy's cat), and bought a house in Norfolk. Jeremy proposed in early 2021 during a bonfire with friends in their newly landscaped backyard. They welcomed their son, Ripp, in late 2022, and finally got around to planning their wedding, scheduled for May of 2023!