Hailey & Dylon


We're getting married! We can't wait to celebrate with everyone! Please let us know if you can enjoy our special day with us!







May 4, 2024

Sigourney, IA
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How We Met

We had bowled together for a couple years, but just never talked to each other. One day I was looking through Facebook friend suggestions and came across Dylon's profile. I thought "Oh, he is kinda cute." I was sitting with my cousin Mel (also my maid of honor) and I asked what she thought and she said I should add him. So I did. However, I got cold feet and took the friend request back a minute after I sent it. Next thing I know, I have a new friend request from Dylon Danner! PANIC MODE! I was thinking that he was going to think I was a stalker or something, which is also why I took the request back. Anyways, he messaged me and said, "You accidentally add me the first time or something? lol" I told him I meant to sent it and that I must have accidentally deleted it! LOL After this we started talking all the time and officially met for the first time and the rest is history. I did eventually tell him that I chickened out and that's why I took the friend request back! Thank goodness he sent a friend request back, cause I would have missed out on so much! <3

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