Please remember to RSVP by July 1st. Your response is important to us!
Please remember to RSVP by July 1st. Your response is important to us!

Chris and Sam


We’re getting married!

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Christopher McGovern


Samantha Gundlach

Deer Park


August 24

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How We Met

Chris and Sam first met at a car meet in Coeur d’Alene in April of 2017. They both caught each others eye, and quickly became friends. In May of 2019, Chris asked Sam to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history. Since 2019, Chris and Sam have enjoyed taking trips to the coast, Goldendale to visit Chris’s family, and even a trip to Las Vegas. One of Sam’s favorite memories from the coast was making Chris wake up at 4am to go see the tide pools at low tide - luckily for Chris, Dutch Bros Coffee was open! Chris and Sam even moved into their own cottage together in summer of 2020, and eventually a house in summer of 2021. We can’t forget about their puppies! Sam has a dog named Harley who was born in August 2017. Chris and Harley fell in love instantly, and it was easy to see that Harley had found her dad. In January 2022, Chris and Sam decided it was time to get another dog - so they got their Labrador Retriever named Bear, born in October 2021. In March of 2023, Chris proposed on a walk with the dogs at Higgens Point while his family was in town. It was a perfect sunny day, and it was the first little hike Sam had done since her ankle surgery in December. Bear even barked at a human statue - weirdo! We're so excited for you to join us as we say "I do" at our wedding in August of 2024. See you soon!

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