Josh & Brie


Joshua Christian Guliuzza


Brianne Lynn Matthews


June 3, 2023

Selma, AL
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The Pediatric Travel Nurses

We met at work, on the nightshift, in Southern California. He was looking adorable in 'pajamas' (scrubs) and she was flirting pretty hard. Like, it was obvious.. ok.. We spent the nights talking about literally everything, laughing so hard that the charge nurse would yell at us, and doing our best to stay awake. When the conversation turned to our previous, long-lasting relationships, he informed her that he was a widower. That's when she realized she was a jerk for flirting with a man who probably didn't want to be flirted with. Turns out, the flirting went right over his head but he still thought she was pretty cute. Typical man.. So guess who ended up with a date on Valentine's Day ❤️ The next year was full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and many adventures. We went to Disneyland for his birthday, took a contract at her home hospital-Seattle Children's, and traveled to Alabama and Idaho to meet the gangs.. making many memories along the way. It was a whirlwind that has taken us to where we are now.. getting MARRIED! We can’t wait to take the next steps of our grand adventure and are so excited to celebrate with our friends and family!