Linda & Andrew

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Linda Guan


Andrew Huang

December 2, 2023

Kapolei, HI

How We Met

April 2016

We had our first date at a coffee shop in Tysons Corner Center. It was after work, I was tired and he was late. I thought I'd be nice and buy us both a latte. Little did I know he was lactose intolerant (oops!). He said he had to help a "friend" move and only had an hour (I guess that latte wasn't settling well). It ended up minutes turned to hours and we were still chatting away. He forgot about that friend he had to help move. I guess we both just really hit it off! Fast forward 7 years later, after 3 moves, 2 job changes, 2 years of lockdown together and many more dates, we moved to Hawaii. Our story only continues from here. We are excited to celebrate this new chapter of our lives with you on December 2nd, 2023!

The Proposal

January 2023

After 3 years of moving out of Tysons Corner, we decided to go back to where we first met and once called home. We pulled up into the same apartment garage, parked our car in the same spot we used to park and made our way up to the back of our apartment building. He said that this was where it all started, where we planned our future during lockdown, and after 7 years, can't wait to build our future together.