Gregory & Fahima

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Gregory Brookins Hinton


Fahima Zaman


November 11, 2023

Richmond, CA

How We Met


It all started with a unicorn, train, and a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. IYKYK, or just ask us! Fahima loves telling stories!

The Proposal


It all started when Fahima finally decided to go to one of Gregory's students' Flag Football games. The very next day a student shouted out, "Mr. B who'd you bring to the game last night?! Was it your girlfriend, wife, or fiancee?" Without thinking, Mr. B responded, "No, not yet." In typical middle school fashion, the whispers erupted! "Not yet?! That means it's happening soon! Can we be a part of it?!" Mr. B, flustered, redirected his students, but the idea had been planted... Six months later Fahima told Gregory that she would love to see him teach one of those classes that he was always talking about. Little did she know, the idea that had been planted in Gregory's mind was about to blossom. Gregory reached out to his partner in crime at school, Mr. Alvez, and asked if he wanted to shake some things up. Alvez immediately said yes and the two tore down the divider that connected their mentor groups. Mr. B revealed that Fahima was planning to observe him teach and he was going to use this as an opportunity to propose. He asked who would want to be a part of the proposal and every hand in the room went up! If Mr. B was going to do one thing, he was going to teach a lesson. He somehow managed to connect proposal planning to the story of Romeo and Juliet, by playing Taylor Swift’s Love Story, Fahima’s favorite artist and a song that Gregory could actually stand. By the end of the class, he had all the students singing along! The rumors had spread and suddenly the entire middle school was involved. When Gregory told one of Fahima's former mentees about the plan, she started crying and asked if she could help. Now the high school was in on the surprise as well! The day before Fahima arrived, he thought someone spilled the beans. As some may recall, it is hard to keep a secret in middle school. He decided to make the day as chaotic as possible to keep her on her toes. From the moment Fahima walked into Gregory's mentor class, she was shocked at how hyperactive students were. She was used to Gregory having a very structured environment, but here he was walking in and out with a smile on his face! "Maybe this is a new COVID teaching tactic," she thought. Little did she know, Gregory and the entire school were setting up decorations for the big moment. Her former Richmond High students were setting up a balloon arch behind her, and she still didn't notice! She was easily distracted by any conversation. Gregory couldn't believe how oblivious Fahima was! Finally it was the moment! But in typical Fahima style, she did not realize what was happening. Gregory tried to get her to go inside of the circle that had formed around the school mascot, but she insisted that he go heat up his leftover lunch. Time was running out so he pulled Fahima to the side and said, "Fahima you once told me that you always wanted to be the center of attention. Whether you realize it or not, this whole day has been about you. I wanted you to know how loud my heart beats for you. It's way louder than the speakers in my trunk. Are you ready?" Gregory pulled a stunned Fahima into the circle. He realized he left his camera bag at his desk and left without saying anything. Fahima, confused, was surrounded by the entire middle and high school. Suddenly, she saw Gregory's grandmother. Then more family. Then friends. Students started holding up signs and balloons. Gregory had reappeared. Love Story began playing and Gregory got down to his knee, reached into his camera bag and pulled out a ring. Confetti began to fall and as Taylor Swift would say: “It's a love story, baby just say yes!”

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