Elizabeth & Gregory

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We're Getting Married!

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July 13

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How We Met


They each swiped right on Bumble, Elizabeth had to send the first message and they had their first date on Saturday, April 9th, 2022. They met downtown at a wine bar called Nouvelle and spent two hours talking over two glasses of red wine. The rest is history.

The Proposal


A few month's prior to their engagement, Greg sent Elizabeth a calendar invite saying "Botanical Gardens with Greg's family." When Elizabeth questioned Greg on why they were going to the Botanical Gardens randomly on July 1st, his answer was, "well my parents are going to come to town to celebrate the 4th of July before we go on our trip, so I thought we would go there." It seemed very suspicious... Elizabeth said, "we are for sure getting engaged that day LOL" but Greg assured her that was not the case. We had started designing her ring at this point, so she knew it was coming up, and if it wasn't that day, she thought it would for sure be in London, England since they were flying out on July 4th. July 1st finally came, and at this point she was thoroughly convinced it wasn't happening. They woke up and Greg said let's go to Starbucks before we go to the Gardens. She was hoping to also get a little breakfast sandwich, but Greg shot that down very quickly because they were going to lunch (4 hours later....). She put up a fight, but no breakfast for her. We got to the Gardens and it was raining. Greg said that his parents were running late, but he wanted to go in anyways. Elizabeth could not understand why they couldn't just wait for them in the car, but Greg insisted they go in early. Elizabeth was not happy to be in the rain, she asked for an umbrella but Greg refused to give her one (he had 2 clear ones in his trunk but thought they were way overpriced from Amazon and wanted to return them). As they were walking in Greg said "watch, I'm going to poof the rain away. One, two, three.. POOF!" You won't believe it, but the rain immediately stopped. The sky was still not pretty, so Elizabeth suggested they wait for his family under the pavilion. Greg shut this down as well because he wanted to go by the fountain. Elizabeth reluctantly went with him and when we got over there he dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife. Elizabeth was then informed that his parents were never meeting us at the gardens and he had a surprise brunch with both of our families at Proof on Main planned (hence why he refused to buy me breakfast). They had 30 min of rain free weather to take some photos in the gardens and as soon as they got back to the car the skies opened up and it poured!!! They ended the day with a dinner surrounded by family at Jack Fry's. It was the best surprise and they couldn't have asked for a better day! They're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in their lives!

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