Ashton & Matthew


We got married, now we celebrate!


Matthew Gray


Ashton Greene


March 23, 2024

Savannah, GA
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We owe it all to Paige

March 23, 2022

M: I knew from her profile photos she was quirky enough for a match. A: It all started with a plant… Well, that’s not entirely true. As many modern romances begin, it started when we both swiped right. M: We’d agreed to meet for yoga in the park, but the Savannah weather had other plans. Of course ax throwing was the natural alternative, right? I agreed to pick her up and remembered our mutual affection towards plants. So I potted one of my succulent seedlings and set out to meet the woman who would soon change my life. A: He showed up at my front door to pick me up with a tiny potted plant in his hand. He had propagated it himself from his night blooming Cereus. That little gesture told me that this guy was different. M: After ax throwing and dinner at Bull Street Taco, I suggested a dessert place on Broughton, and downtown we went. During our walk from the car, we happened upon a young woman, Paige, who had high-centered her car on a poorly designed curb. A: As we rounded the corner of Barnard, we saw a young woman who had taken the turn too sharply and gotten her car stuck in one of the new and notoriously dangerous roadside planters. Matt is an inherently helpful person. Even after spending just a couple hours with him, I knew this about him. He pulled over and got out to join the other men trying to help a pretty girl out. M: Knowing I had the strength to lift a car off a curb, I jumped into action with a couple of others trying to help. I noticed Ashton consoling Paige the entire time I tried to lift that very stuck car to freedom. A: I approached Paige (owner of the car), and asked if she was okay. She wasn’t. She was crying and said this was her late father’s car, and she’d moved down here for a boy, and it didn’t work out, and she felt so stupid and didn’t have money for a tow. I realized right then, no amount of lifting these guys were doing was going to fix this situation. M: Upon admitting defeat and telling Paige she was going to have to call a tow truck, she broke down and had obviously hit her limit. A: I called the tow truck and gave her my number in case they still hadn’t shown in an hour. M: It was then that Ashton, without a second thought, told Paige she would arrange and pay for the tow truck. This act of selflessness caught me off guard and this moment confirmed how special of a kindred spirit I had met. We ate dessert and flirted and shared our first kiss. A: Matt and I finally did find dessert down the street and shared our first kiss in a romantic little back booth over a dessert that said “CONGRATULATIONS!” in chocolate sauce on the plate. It was like the universe saying, “You found him, congratulations!” M: A short drive home and another kiss goodbye closed out the evening. A: After that first night, we fell right into step with one another. M: Weeks passed quickly as we spent time getting to know each other and falling in love in our wonderful little city of Savannah. We latched onto a shared love of travel and took long weekends to Helen for Easter and St. Augustine. Ashton met my family, who immediately fell in love with her as well, and I met Ashton’s family who fell in love with me almost immediately. I knew very quickly I had met my person and I knew she felt the same. A: Since the night I met my person, we have been unbelievably blessed. Everything feels easy, even the hardest tasks and the longest days. Everything is better when we’re together. And I’m a better version of me than I’ve ever been because of the way Matt loves me. I never doubted us for a single second, and six months to the day after we met, we went down to the courthouse and tied the knot. The day was perfect and simple and all ours— truly the best decision I’ve ever made. M: Today, we are even more in love, and we are so excited to celebrate our matrimony with our closest loved ones on the two-year anniversary of the day we met. A: … and our first date love plant is still healthy and strong!

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