Tyler & Taylor

We are getting married!


Tyler Grassi


Taylor Cutler


April 26, 2024

Spring Hill, TN
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Our Story

Taylor and Tyler met at Home Depot working a summer job in 2019. Taylor met Tyler’s mom, Della, first and Tyler met Taylors dad, Jeff, first. Della introduced Taylor to her son since the three of them worked together. Jeff mentioned that his daughter was new, and that Tyler should meet her. Tyler met Taylor and from then on, Tyler always had his eyes on Taylor. He loved when Taylor would cashier out in the garden, because he was able to talk to her and get to know her better. They soon hit it off and became good work friends. The summer ended and Taylor went back to Chico State and Tyler went back to The Masters University and they lost touch. National Boyfriend Day came around and Tyler commented on Taylors post with her dog. Their connection sparked again, and Taylor decided to give him her number…but he never texted her and they lost touch again for a little bit longer. Thanksgiving rolled around and they ran into each other at Incahoots, a country line-dancing bar. They reconnected and texted and facetimed all the time until February 2020 rolled around. Tyler and his friend Miguel drove up to Chico so that Tyler could ask Taylor to officially be his girlfriend. He did it over-looking a beautiful canyon and Taylor of course said YES! From then on Taylor and Tyler faced the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship, COVID, and Tyler moving to Nashville. Nothing was able to stop their love! The past few years, Taylor and Tyler have proved they are ready to conquer anything as long as they have each other and they are so ready for this next adventure in their lives full of laughter, joy, and so much love!