Hounsh & Gilbert


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Gilberto Quintana III


Hounsh Kirtar Munshi

March 30, 2024

Miami, FL
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Our Story

It was Thanksgiving, November 22nd, 2019, and Hounsh was stuck in Miami while her whole family congregated on the west coast. Having to work on Friday and not being able to take a day off, she decided to attend a Thanksgiving dinner at her boss's house in Coconut Grove. After the work dinner ended, she opted to explore the Grove, rather than return to her tiny efficiency, and along her stroll, she came across a dive bar called "Barracudas," and seated herself at the bar. There was no one to converse with, only a football game she had no stake in to keep her company. That's when Gilbert walked through the door with his sister, Mayra, and her friend, Nicole, who had gone out to escape the drunken political debates of their own families. He saw her immediately, but thought better of approaching her, being on a family outing. However, some time goes by and Hounsh notices him. She sees him standing alone as Mayra and Nicole play darts and offers up some friendly conversation. Those 45 minutes of conversation, outside on the sidewalk in front of Barracudas, under a tree, would change their lives forever. Over time their love grew, and the day came when Gilbert got down on one knee and proposed to Hounsh.

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