Georgia & Griffin

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Georgia Hoagland


Griffin Farha

May 18, 2024

Washington, DC

Our Story

“I was told that if I texted this number, a ‘f**king awesome girl named Georgia’ would respond.” On December 2, 2018, Griff texted this irresistible pick-up line to Georgia. He was quoting his sister, Diece, who had come to know Georgia through their mutual friend, Ellie Wigdale,* after Diece’s visits to Columbus. Georgia was leaving Columbus and decided to move to DC after spending some time with her parents in Nashville. Griff was in his final year of law school in Nashville, with plans of heading back to DC after finishing up. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Midway through exams and without much of a social media presence, Griff wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this setup. Georgia, meanwhile, had learned from Diece that Griff barely left the library, which, in hindsight, makes us question Georgia’s judgment. Perhaps Georgia had her eyes on Griff’s dog, Lansing, whom Diece had also mentioned. Either way, she agreed to grab a drink with him but planned for an early night in, likely making it back in time for her parents’ regular 5:30 p.m. dinner. An early night, it was not. Patterson House led to Tin Roof, which led to countless Broadway honky tonks. They had a blast together that night, so much so that they went on to spend nearly every day together when they were both in Nashville. Once in DC, their relationship blossomed. Griff created an Excel model to predict which of Georgia’s fifteen NFL teams she would decide to root for on any given Sunday. Georgia meanwhile came to appreciate Griff’s home cooking, which always included chicken, rice, and not much else. And their love grew stronger after their relationship turned long distance, with Georgia moving to Chicago for business school and Griff to Philadelphia for a judicial clerkship. Griff proposed to Georgia when she was visiting him in Philadelphia, and as they settle back in DC, they’re ready to tie the knot. They can’t wait to celebrate with all of their closest loved ones in May! *In a remarkable coincidence, Ellie is cousins with Griff’s dear friend from college, Alex Drake.

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