April 15, 2019
Ocho Rio, Jamaica

Dáwnielle & Geoffrey

    Dawnielle and Geoffrey

Its L I T !

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Geoffrey Harvey


Dawnielle Francis


Ocho Rio


April 15


How They Met

Summer of 2006

Geoff and Dawnie first met in 2006 while attending summer school at Whitewater High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. Dawnie’s childhood friend Kendra knew Geoff and introduced her to him and his friend Antonio and they spent that summer carpooling to and from summer school. What’s funny is Geoff’s friend Antonio was interested in Dawnie and Geoff was interested in Kendra, but as time went on everyone lost communication. Some years later Geoff and Dawnie would bump into each other in different clubs, the conversation would be short or just a friendly hey. They both had different lives and relationships so in 2014 when Geoff spotted Dawnie while out at a popular club with his friend Devin, he shot his shot (he even told Devin that night that she was going to be his girlfriend and Devin laughed and said go for it.) Geoff received her number and after getting to know one another they started to date. They went to many places throughout the city but on April 15, 2014 they went to one of their favorite places ‪Blue Ivory‬ to get lamb chops and Dawnie basically told Geoff that she wasn’t into wasting time and right then and there he proceeded to ask her to be his girlfriend. And of course she said YES!!! And the rest is history.

The Proposal


Geoff planned a surprise trip for Dawnie celebrating their 2nd anniversary, she literally didn't know where they were going till they were boarding the plane. After an amazing day in Puerto Vallarta they went down to the beach for dinner which Geoff had specially planned where they walked on rose petals leading up to their own candle lit dinner sitting alongside the shore. Now this is where it gets funny. Dawnie had been mentioning and dropping MAJOR hints that she wanted a promise ring so she was excited when they sat down at the table and she noticed what looked like a ring box in Geoffs pocket. Geoff didn't know Dawnie saw the box so throughout dinner Dawnie kept mentioning how the sun was going down and how dark it was getting (she really wanted him to present the ring before the sunset.) So imagine Dawnies surprise at the end of dinner when the waiter brought out what appeared to be dessert with a little well lit box that was getting a lot of attention from the staff and the restaurant patrons. Once Dawnie realized what was in the box, Geoff was on one knee and well we will let you see what happened next ! (visit our Facebook page to see the proposal video) https://m.facebook.com/harveyplans/

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