Claire & Nicholas



Nicholas Raymond Potts


Claire Victoria Garner

May 17, 2024

Banner Elk, NC
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How we met

Our Story

Nick and Claire found each other New Year’s Day 2021. In the most romantic of ways that they can’t wait to tell their future grandchildren about… a lovely website called “Bumble”. Little did Claire know this would be the only way they could have met, as Nick was not one to make the first move, and the rule with Bumble is the girl has to say something first. Claire’s first question was asking Nick for a phone call (it was easy to tell if someone would put up with her shenanigans in real time vs text) and surprisingly, Nick called her… and the phone call lasted for 3 hours. So somehow she at that moment tricked him into sticking around. There were a LOT of conversations, a lot of long nights. They talked daily, but they both were too chicken to see each other in person. After 4 months it was getting to the point where Nick thought Claire was “catfishing” him. True story btw. And eventually she broke down and asked Nick to come to the dog park to meet her and Mango in 30 degree weather and he only showed up with a light jacket. Through the shivering cold, Nick made an impression on her, and from there they were inseparable. Mango loved Nick, he was his new best buddy. It started with a first date watching the Adam Sandler classic “50 First Dates” at his apartment, then escalated quickly to Claire redecorating his apartment as it was deeply concerning the lack of decor this man had. It was much more cozy after that. He still refused to let Claire buy him a microwave… how does someone survive without a microwave for a year? So many questions we will never know the answer to… Over the course of the next few months, the two took a couple of vacations to the mountains, relaxing and enjoying getting to know each other. Claire learned about Nick’s odd obsession with the Rush Hour movies and Nick learned that Claire had an odd obsession with s’mores. But really, who doesn’t like s’mores? Around November 2021 Nick introduced Claire to his son, Paxton. They all went to a harvest festival together and had a blast. The next day they took him to a dinosaur exhibit at the convention center where he had a breakdown about fruit punch and it ended with Paxton pouring red paint all over Nicks carpet (We still don’t understand why Nick had red paint available to a 3 year old child) but even after all that, Claire was still there. So from there it all fell into place. Nick moved in with Claire, and Claire had a microwave so Nick upgraded obviously. Mango was no longer the man of the house (he’s still getting over it, he will accept it eventually lol) and Claire’s guest room officially became a dinosaur mini man cave for Paxton. In September of 2022 Nick proposed to Claire at Grandfather Mountain where they took their first trip together, and they’ve been celebrating ever since. They’ve been through many ups and downs, job changes and life changes. Their relationship started in the peak of a pandemic, so it’s safe to say these two can make it through whatever life throws at them. These two found their lobster and that’s all they ever wanted. Cheers to joining them together and making one happy family with Paxton and Mango. They are ready to take on what’s next and excited to take this new step in their journey together as husband and wife. All in all… it’s fair to say… #ClaireGotTheHotsForPotts