Haylee & Jared


Jared Gardner


Haylee Richmond


October 1, 2023

Finley, Wa
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How We Met

October 2017

Jared and Haylee attended high school with one another, although Jared is two years older then Haylee they still managed to cross paths. They hungout here and there a couple times but drifted there seperate ways. In 2021 Jared randomly texted Haylee after a years of not talking and that's where it all began. They were best friends and rarely ever separated, then tried a couple times for a relationship but it just wasn't the right time. Jared never gave up, and finally August 2021 they started dating! Then got pregnant in October of 2021 with a baby girl. She arrived in July 2022 and brighten their lives, Now here they are... ready for the next years to come and more memories.