Lindsey & Adam







May 28, 2023

Cleveland, OH
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How We Met

It started with a quarter

Like most millennials, we met very romantically on the dating app Tinder. However, if you were to ask Lindsey's parents for the first three years, we met at a bar. Adam hadn't found anyone special, when suddenly an ad appeared for super-likes. For those unfamiliar, a super-like is magical tool where you pay 25 cents and automatically get seen by the person of choice. So, Adam fell for the ad and used 25 cents to super-like Lindsey. So basically, she was bought for a quarter. Lindsey thought Adam did not look like a serial killer, so she decided to go on a date with him. We decided to meet for dinner at Barrio a few weeks later. The date started out rocky, when Lindsey accidentally stalked Adam through the parking lot and into the restaurant not knowing he was walking right in front of her. Thankfully, that awkwardness quickly passed, and it turned into an amazing first date. Both of us quickly deleted Tinder and the rest is history.

The Proposal

We took a detour

By this point in our relationship, we talked about getting married often. We had just bought a house together, and were raising two rambunctious cats with moderate success. Adam had planned a full day of relaxation for Lindsey, which she tried many times to ruin. The day started out great with coffee and donuts (Lindsey's favorite). However, like most new homeowners, Lindsey wanted to get some house projects done. So, we decided to try to fix our gas grill starter. Lindsey quickly got frustrated battling the insides of the grill, so Adam quickly put an end to the project. The rest of the day was spent resting and relaxing. Adam had been secretly planning the proposal with our good friends and neighbors for weeks leading up to it. Adam had planned for your neighbors to invite us for ice cream the night of the proposal. Lindsey, having just spent the whole day relaxing did not want to change out of sweatpants. She insisted on leaving the house in no make-up and as comfy clothes as she could find. Adam, somehow managed to convince Lindsey to at least put on jeans and a hint of mascara. It was time and we started to walk to Mitchell's ice cream. As we were walking towards Van Aken, Adam stopped at the corner to tie his shoes. He ended up tying his laces in a knot he was so nervous. He then said we were going to take a detour round the park because we were too early to meet our friends. We started to walk around the park and in the back corner Adam had arranged for our friends to set up a whole beautiful picknick proposal. Lindsey was shocked beyond belief and blown away by how incredible the set up was. We walked through rose pedals and lights to the picknick area where "Marry Me" was written out in lighted up letters. Adam got down on one knee and Lindsey couldn't contain her excitement and yelled "yes" before he could even finish asking. We spend the rest of the night drinking champagne and eating ice cream.