Dress code alert! Our wedding is black tie, with an ALL BLACK dress code. Get ready to shine (in dark hues)!
Dress code alert! Our wedding is black tie, with an ALL BLACK dress code. Get ready to shine (in dark hues)!

Kyle & Brooke





November 10, 2024

Allentown, NJ
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How we met?

August 2016

Kyle & Brooke's story began on their 3rd day at Marist College, where they first met. Despite not knowing each other prior, they quickly hit it off and became close friends. About a year and a half later Kyle asked Brooke to be his girlfriend....and the rest is history.


March 2018

During their sophomore year in college, Kyle and Brooke's love for Disney World brought them and their friends on a magical spring break trip. On the evening of March 12th, after a fun-filled day at the park, Kyle got a bit tipsy at dinner (duh). Upon their return to Disney's Boardwalk resort, he convinced Brooke to join him for a walk along the water. As they sat on a bench, gazing out at the enchanting view, Kyle asked Brooke to be his girlfriend. Initially, she was amused by his drunken proposal, but as their relationship blossomed, she realized how grateful she was for that whimsical moment that changed their lives forever.

Florence, Italy

January 2019 - May 2019

Kyle and Brooke's love story blossomed amidst the cobblestone streets and Renaissance beauty of Florence, Italy, where they embarked on an extraordinary 5- month adventure together. As they immersed themselves in the vibrant culture, art, and history of the city, their hearts intertwined and their bond grew stronger. But their journey didn't stop there. Fuelled by their shared wanderlust, they seized the opportunity to explore the wonders of Europe, hand-in-hand with their cherished group of friends. From the romantic streets of Mykonos to the bustling streets of Monte Carlo, and from the ancient ruins of Rome to the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland, Brooke and Kyle created lifelong memories on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


January 2021 - Present

Kyle and Brooke took an exciting leap together when they decided to purchase an apartment in the bustling city of Hoboken. Settling into their new home, they quickly fell in love with the local gems that became their favorites, such as Fiori's Italian Deli, Grand Vin, and there weekly Friday acai bowls from Jungle Juice. Embracing their vibrant social life, they frequently enjoyed evenings with friends at Mike's Moose Bar and 8th Street Tavern. Hoboken has become their beloved home, where they continue to create wonderful memories together. Their first home in Hoboken holds a special place in their hearts, reminding them of the amazing journey they have embarked on side by side.


March 2023

Kyle and Brooke's shared passion for adventure and wanderlust took them on an unforgettable journey to Hawaii in March 2023. While soaking up the tropical paradise, they decided to treat themselves to a fancy dinner at The Beach House in Kauai. Dressed to the nines, they took a stroll along Baby Beach to capture some stunning photos before dinner. Little did Brooke know that this romantic excursion was about to become a life-changing moment when Kyle, with tears in his eyes, got down on one knee and proposed, leaving Brooke speechless and in tears of joy.

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