We're Getting Married

Gabrielle Medina


Julian Gamez


September 20, 2024

Miami, FL
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How We Met :

Who would have thought?

We met at a church event at my church at the time, that Julian was the DJ for back in 2015! Funny enough he had a girlfriend during that time but we had taken a polaroid that night and he kept it ever since. He even displayed it on his nightstand which his current girlfriend definitely did not like BUT throughout the years we always kept in contact. In 2018 we were both single and stumbled upon each other when he visited my church again; He invited me over for a studio session to record our first ever cover where he asked Sean aka his best friend to hook him up. I knew Sean better than Julian in that time and Julian had very much publicly always had an eye for me so he shot his shot! I always liked Julian just like He always had an eye for me so we began dating that night and never stopped talking since! The rest is history! - Gabby

The Proposal

Happiest Day of My Life

Oh man, where do I even begin! This day may have been one of the most stressful moments in my life lol. First came for the saving up for the ring without Gabby not even knowing (I knew she probably thought I was just being cheap 😂). Once I obtained to work it was time to plan for the Proposal! Before any planning it was time to ask for both parents blessings which was one of the most nerve wrecking moments! Luckily they both said yes with excitement. Gabby and I both are God loving Worshipers so it meant a lot to propose on the week of easter, specifically the day after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday. I wanted our relationship to even have that special dedication to the Lord. so the day was planned but still Where to do it! First I wanted to do it at a church event but Monica decided to do some research and Gabby definitely didn't want that lol. Next option was to propose at bayside, but there was a UFC fight in the arena so I already knew that was going to be horrendous! I thought of the beach but I didn't want her the proposal to be Cliche! Only option I could think of was in City Place by the fountain. So between the multiple group chats and having the assistance of Sean & Monica we were able to throw off gabby from any suspicions and meet her at the location. As we got there and was able to grab the mic from one of the musicians that were playing. As gabby turned around she was surrounded by SO MANY LOVED ONES! she began to cry. As I try to speak with my hands shaking and words mumbled because of how nervous I was, I asked her to marry me. SHE SAID YES! - Julian