Gabrielle & Dani-Alex


We're getting married!

Dani-Alex Coley


Gabrielle Fletcher

February 15, 2025

209 days209 d5 hours5 h28 minutes28 min32 seconds32 s

Our Story

We started off as friends, just two people finding comfort in each other's company. As the days turned into nights filled with laughter and shared stories, something deeper than friendship started to grow. We became inseparable. Then came 2016, and Dani threw a curveball into our friendship. A simple question changed everything, "Want to be my girlfriend?" No grand gestures, just a genuine moment that marked the beginning of something special. From then on, life became an adventure with a partner by my side. We navigated the twists and turns, supporting each other through thick and thin. Our friendship transformed into a love story, not perfectly scripted, yet still beautiful and real. Now, as we stand here about to say "I do," we look back at those initial moments that brought us together. Our story is not a fairy tale, but it's ours. Filled with ordinary yet extraordinary moments, it's proof that love can grow from the most unexpected places. Join us as we step into the next chapter, where friendship meets forever. This is us—no frills, no grandeur, just a love that's authentically ours.

For all the days along the way
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