Jennifer & Brett


The Wedding of


Jennifer Summer Cooper


Brett Vincent Urgo

July 14, 2024

Sea Bright, New Jersey

A Tale of Two Stenographers

❤️Jen and Brett❤️ met while freelancing fresh out of school when they were waiting for their cases for the day to be called that just happened to be at the same district attorney’s office. Little did they know it would all be history from there. They didn’t live in the same state yet, so after work they’d take walks around Brooklyn Heights and sit together on park benches in beautiful weather with views of the city across the water, eating delicious varieties of food, forgetting about both of their long commutes home just talking for hours, even sharing some kisses while getting to know (and love) each other day by day. Their relationship continued to blossom and the time came when they finally lived much closer to each other, so they became official on July 10, 2018. Fast forward through so many amazing adventures, memories, laughs, secrets, and accomplishments together (like rescuing their first “dogter,” Didi!) they ecstatically got engaged on the water in Red Bank on July 9, 2022, while celebrating on the eve of it being four years dating. Since July is a magical month for them, after two years engaged their story will finally come to a happy ending and exciting new chapter when they lovingly become Mr. & Mrs. Urgo on the beach with a beautiful reception following at Windows on the Water with their beloved family and friends on Sunday evening, July 14, 2024. The Bride and Groom can’t wait to have you there with them on their day 👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️ Invitations with all details will be mailed around April of 2024. Feel free to check out the rest of the website for more wedding details

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