Taylor & Logan


Logan Frost


Taylor Jones

January 13, 2024

Atlanta, GA

They Met at Work

The first time Logan talked to Taylor was over the phone. He was sitting on a park bench in Charleston, South Carolina, on his annual fantasy football summit weekend. On the other end was a sweet-talking girl with a south Georgia accent about a job opportunity at Fitzco. She was in Hilton Head. Their phone call was the final interview for a position on his team. After their conversation had ended, Logan picked up the phone to chat with his boss, Claire, to talk next steps. "Extend an offer today. She's got an offer in-hand from Home Depot. Let's get her first." Needless to say, Taylor accepted. This was in September of 2020. They worked from a distance for the better part of a year. Logan in Midtown Atlanta, Taylor from the beach, and then eventually from her apartment two blocks away from Logan's. This was more than a funny coincidence if you ask him. The first time he felt something was when they travelled to Minneapolis for a client visit. It was just the two of them travelling, and they were exhausted after four days of meetings, happy hours, dinners, and the like. They were sitting at the airport Chili's awaiting their flight home and he looked at her, and she back at him. "Was that something?," he thought. Alas. The second time was in Charlotte. Logan, again on a fantasy football weekend, was in the Queen City for the Dawgs-Clemson game with the boys. Taylor was there, too. Not an hour before kickoff, Taylor invited Logan to come to her family's tailgate. What Logan did not know was that Taylor had given her family the "preview." After many introductions made and hands shaken, Logan was presented with a stiff cocktail. It was nine parts Tito's to one part Fresca. For the Dawgs, he supposed. The third time did the trick. Taylor invited Logan, along with a handful of their other co-workers, to her birthday outing on November 20th, 2021. He met more family. "How many cousins are there?" It's a question he still is not sure the answer. After an afternoon out on the town, Taylor invited Logan over to her cousin, Gray's, house in Brookhaven. Being the gentleman that he is, he obliged. It was her birthday, after all. They played games. They listened to Shania. It was perfect. They both left the next day for their parents' for Thanksgiving. The kindling was lit, though. One proper first date later at No. 246 in Decatur, it was a vivid fire. They worried about telling Claire (and worse, human resources). They scenario planned all the options, but of course, they couldn't have been more welcoming of the news. More than anything they wanted to know when Fitzco would be celebrating its first Fitz baby. Taylor and Logan met each other at the perfect time. They like listening to the Dead and watching the Braves. Billy Strings was their first live concert and Dead & Company at Citi Field has been their most memorable. They eat at Taco Mac too much, but it's their spot. They love raw oysters and watching the hummingbirds visit the feeder on the fifth floor of Logan's apartment. They treat Leo like a child because he is their little baby boy. They walk slow and forgive fast. They love each other. Thank you for being a part of their lives. Let's celebrate.