Sarah & Charles

He asked and she said about damn time!

Lighted GarlandLighted Garland

Charles Fairchild


Sarah Hurlburt




June 10

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The country boy she had been searching for & didn't know it.

Charlie and Sarah first met at Unos on Amherst street in March 2014. Some would say the black mini skirt and tights Sarah wore as a lounge server was what got him. Sarah didn’t think anything initially of Charlie, but Charlie told his friends he was interested in her. It wasn’t until a night out at the Pasta Loft on the deck that Sarah fell for Charlie. Of course he had a few drinks, was rocking his Chippewa boots and was looking like the country boy Sarah had been searching for but didn’t know it. Now they have been together for almost a decade, have been in their first home for over 3 years, & have their new addition - Corbin.