August 11, 2018
Upper Marlboro, MD

Wendy & Francis


We're Getting MArried!


Francis Senesie


Wendy Soh


Upper Marlboro


August 11


How we met

Love at first sight

It all happened on a faithful day in the month of February 2017, I received a dazzling angel from the front desk of the school where I serve as a social worker after weeks of being bothered by the vice principal to meet with me. The vice principal wanted her to meet with me to share concerns relating to her son's academic progress. Walking through the hallway to my office, both of us felt the unspoken sensational connection waiting to erupt. After sharing pleasantries, she asked to what she owed the August meeting?Perplexed by her exquisite outfit and voluptuous smile, I couldn't resist smiling back at her. Both of us had a contagious personality as was confessed later on our third date. During this time also, we came to understand that we have a shared history-both of us came from a humble background, our fathers were both teachers & deceased, & our mothers were peddlers just to name a few. We quickly became inseparable as one thing led to another until we found ourselves taking that sacred oath " I do" We are more than proud & excited to become husband and wife & as we move into the future, we ask God to bless our union! THE PROPOSAL 9.12.17 Francis said he wanted to take me out for dinner, in my mind I thought we were going to an African restaurant like Kitchen near you but then he ends up taking me to the upscale restaurant & I kept wondering why because I am very picky when it comes to food, everyone that knows me, know I like spicy food-pepper squad but then because I appreciated what he was doing, I tried to be a lady & not complain. We ate dinner & then the waiters brought us a glass of champagne, shortly after, I realized there was a ring tied to the stem of the glass, I was speechless & before I knew what was going on, Francis was on his knees & everyone in the restaurant was cheering. I said YES, YES & he put a ring on it. I can't wait for our forever! God bless the day we met!

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