Emma & Forrest

We’re getting married!







March 9, 2024

Sisters, OR
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September 18th, 2020

We met through Instagram, but in a roundabout way, we would have met anyways, a month or so later, thanks to Johannah Keil ;) she likes to take credit, so I guess we will give her some! Anyways, Forrest was over East hunting in September of 2020. He then went to a brewery in La Grande (where I went to college) and posted it on his Instagram story on September 18th, 2020. I took that as a time to slide into his DMs lol A couple weeks later I was in Wyoming hunting with my dad, when my mom texted me to ask if I knew Forrest Parker (Keep in mind, I NEVER mentioned Forrest’s name to my mom). So I was in shock and didn’t understand how she knew him, I called her and she proceeded to tell me how her and Johannah were trying to figure out if Austin Page and Hannah Keil-Page, had any single friends and Forrest’s name came up. I told my mom on the phone that I didn’t need her and Johannah to set us up because I had already been talking to him for weeks. Fast forward October 16th, 2020, Forrest picked me up for our first date. I knew the second I opened the door to him standing there smiling that this was going to be something special. When I got home from our first date, call me crazy, but I already knew I loved him. I believe in fate and I believe our story shows that fate is real!