July 11, 2020
Mableton, GA

Stephanie & Cole



Cole Fortner


Stephanie D'Arcy



July 11


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Our Story

Hi Everyone! We couldn’t be more excited to share our special day with you! We love you all so much & hope all are healthy & safe. Thanks to Covid-19, we must socially distance & gather safely. Since we can’t hug, we both extend air hugs to each one of you with love & appreciation. Originally set for May, we put life on hold to follow the guidelines & keep everyone safe. The uncertainty of the pandemic didn’t help & 2020 threw us yet another curveball, forcing us to pause once again. Earlier this year, Stephie hadn’t been feeling well & an ER visit was just the beginning of a long, uncertain journey. Surgery in January came with unexpected results & even more questions. Stephie was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. We're fortunate to be working with one of the best doctors but the diagnosis meant our timeline was now in hyperdrive. Pre-Covid, we spent our time house hunting & wedding planning. When it all became too much, we decided to delay our search for a new home & focus our efforts on the wedding. Just as quickly as the decision was made, our realtor called with news we weren’t prepared for. The seller of a house we fell in love with accepted our offer! Closing date approached just as the state shut down. Movers canceled & help was scarce. Feeling defeated, we made one last call - help was on the way! We emptied the apartment & filled the house. More & more, we make it our home. Small renovations here & there, enjoying every bit of time we get to spend making it our own. Those who helped on this journey are some of the most gracious & caring people. We would give them the world in thanks if we could & are forever grateful. While this isn’t the outcome we dreamed of, we believe that everything happens for a reason. In a year filled with negativity, we've been blessed to find many positives: our first home, the love & support we get from those surrounding us & the excitement of continuing our life together as…  - Mr. & Mrs. Fortner

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