Ford & Tilly

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Ford Torney


Tilly Rudolph

May 3, 2024

Baltimore, MD

Right as the World Shuts Down

Swipe, swipe, swipe...

Ford and Tilly had lived in Baltimore for four years before finally meeting, a rarity considering they had overlapping friend groups. Ford was ready to give dating apps a fair shot and get back into the dating scene, while Tilly was ready to give dating apps a break and decided that her date with Ford would be her last for a while. Little did they know it would be their last first date ever! After having tacos and margaritas at a favorite place of both of theirs, Clavel, they continued their date at a local bar. They hit it off so well that they didn't realize the bar had gone past closing and they were the last ones there. A second date soon followed, where Tilly asked an important question: "What are you looking for?" Both ready for something serious, they decided to schedule a third date. However, their first and second date occurred during the second week of March 2020, meaning two days after, they were both sent home indefinitely for work as the world shut down around them. Having limited social interactions with others, they quickly moved past the superficial and spent most days together, meeting each other's families when COVID allowed, and deciding to move in together a year later.

The Proposal

A Secret Plan

At this point, Ford had long decided Tilly was the one. (As had Tilly, to be clear). On a sunny day in April 2022, Ford said he was going golfing with his friend Matt, and that they would meet up with Tilly, and Matt's fiancée, Hannah, for dinner after. Hannah took a none-the-wiser Tilly out for a drink beforehand. After sharing the news the boys were "running late", Hannah said they should take a walk through Patterson Park, one of Tilly's favorite spots in the city. Ford, it turns out, had not been golfing, and surprised Tilly in the park. Tilly quickly realized what was happening, and through a few tears, managed to take a walk with Ford to the Pagoda. Here, he got down on one knee and asked a question he'd been dying to ask for months. More tears from both of them followed, as well as the all-important "yes", and they were engaged! Now, they can't wait to welcome you to the city they call home and celebrate this next step in their lives together.

For all the days along the way
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