Kevin & Florence


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Kevin Thomas


Florence Emmanuel

November 18, 2023

Houston, TX

How We Met

From Hinge to Hitched

Man if we told you only God could have orchestrated this union would you believe us? It all started when Florence's friend told her to try using a dating app to meet people. Florence of course was totally against it because she didn't believe that a dating app would be of any benefit to her. Eventually she was convinced and downloaded it. Kevin recently moved to Denver from Michigan so he too was using dating apps to meet people. So they matched. Kevin, of course, DM'd Florence first, then they began to talk. Kevin then asked Florence out for drinks to meet in person. Florence at first agreed but then began to get afraid that he may be a "catfish" or something plus she was still super skeptical about using dating apps especially in Denver, so she told him she would have to raincheck and blamed it on school. Kevin was so confused as to why she didn't want to meet up again and wanted to give up hope on her but then got the bright idea that felt divine to facetime Florence (because he didn't like facetime that much at the time). Florence then was ok with that because it would settle her anxiety on if he's real or not, so they facetimed. On that facetime date Florence couldn't stop smiling because he looked exactly how he did in his pictures lol. They decided to finally meet up for those drinks. Upon meeting in person, they talked and talked and talked, there was not a dry moment. They realized how much in common they have with each other and how much their values lined up together so closely. It was so magical to the point when they found out their birthdays were only a day a part! That date was amazing and it had to come to an end. Florence hoped that he would want to meet up again but was not sure because Kevin was playing hard to read. Florence anxiously wondered if he thought it was magical too and hoped he didn't think she talked too much. Kevin went home thinking he found someone he could see a future with but didn't want to come off weird so he played it cool. The very next day, Kevin asked Florence if she would like to go out for dinner the next weekend and the rest was history. From then on, Kevin and Florence have been inseparable!

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