July 8, 2019
Treviso, Italy

Moorea & Felix


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Felix Fels


Moorea Vittiglio




July 8



The unofficial date of fate

Feb 4th, 2018: When we met up to discuss a school Moorea had recently been to in Germany, we didn't expect it to turn into a six hour date, complete with tree climbing, skipping stones, and just not wanting to leave each other, even though we were like strangers at this point. A week later and we had a road trip to San Francisco to preach at a church with some friends. This was the trip that sealed the deal for us both. Somehow, by the time we got back home, we knew that we were in the presence of our future spouse. Three days later and it was Valentines day. The day that Moorea received a meter-long rose from Felix, and he openly shared his interest for her. From that day on, we were inseparable. March 3rd, 2018 was when he officially asked her to be his girlfriend, after getting permission to date her. it was so fast, but so right. By July 14 Felix whisked Moorea away on a Vespa through Piemonte, up to a vineyard on a hill where he got down on one knee to his future wife, who, laughing with joy, said yes.

What nation to wed in?!

Almost a year to the day of our engagement...

Here's the thing. Moorea is an Australian, with an Italian family. She met Felix in the USA and now lives in Norway. Felix is a German, with his family living in Switzerland. He met Moorea in the USA and now lives in Norway. What country do we choose? This was our biggest choice to make. After searching all over the face of Europe, we felt to keep it classic romantic, and do it in Italy. So Italians, you are welcome. And we can't hide the fact that we're excited about the food.

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