fay & christen

It's official!







September 16, 2023

Bountiful, UT
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How We Met

It all started with a teacher, in a small class, who hated people who sat in the back of the class, and an Oreo Mcflurry. On our first day of 11th grade, we filed into our applied skills class, I sat in the front row, he sat in the back. Our stubborn teacher immediately called to the class, telling us all to move to the front. Suddenly we were sitting next to each other. Being the social butterfly I was, I made a comment about how stubborn our teacher was. We found out the very next period, right after lunch, and I sat in my assigned seat, pulling out my books, and when I looked up in front of me, there was an Oreo Mcflurry on top of my desk, and that same dorky kid. The Mcflurries followed, every history class, and our friendship began!

The Engagement

It may not seem extraordinary, or traditional, but neither are we!

We were laying in bed, working on putting the insurance on our new car. The insurance website asked about Christens marital status. Christen paused and turned to me and with a goofy smile said "we should get married.....wait I don't have a ring." the thought for a moment and handed me a puff bar that he was holding. I laughed, said yes, and picked out my beautiful ring, and the rest is to be determined!