October 26, 2019
Utica, NY

Kathryn & David

    Wedding Party

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David Gibb


Kathryn Schmalz



October 26


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Just the details now! Less than 100 days to go!

How We Met

Her Version

In 2014, I was coming back from a year abroad in Italy and decided to apply for a position at a restaurant that I would frequent in high school. After a long interview process, I accepted a hostess position at the Tin Rooster at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. A couple months later, I had been putting in long hours, working both dinner and nightlife shifts. When dinner service had concluded, the restaurant would become a country nightlife venue. It was my job to take the cover charge from those entering the club. At some point, a handsome, very blonde security guard was stationed next to me. He was very shy and quiet. I, being bored at work and naturally talkative, started talking to him about random things like passing guests or the job itself. Conversations grew and finally he asked me to add him on Facebook (in the cheesiest way possible). Up until that point, I had thought of him as a friend, but when he asked me for my Facebook I knew he had a crush on me. It wasn't long after we started talking outside of work that I noticed myself caring more and more about how I looked. I even couldn't wait get to work to see him. Finally, he asked me on a date. After about a month of dating, I left for Australia. We talked a little bit while I was away and he even offered to meet me half way to visit me. Nothing came of it, but when I came back to America I definitely wanted to see him. I got a hold of him and we met for dinner. Our relationship just grew from there. In the end, I believe that the circumstances that brought us together were nothing less than fate. We had every opportunity to never see each other again when I went half way across the world. But, there was something that drew us back together. There is no doubt in my mind that we are met to be together.

How We Met

His Version

I was fortunate enough to get a second job working weekends at Turning Stone Resort and Casino as a Nightlife Security Officer. I was fresh out of college and looking to grow in my law enforcement career. After working there for a short time, I took a liking to checking ID's at the entrance to all of the clubs. This gave me the opportunity to hangout with a beautiful girl who collected the cover charge. I was a little shy at first, but she was very outgoing and nice to talk to. We would joke about silly things the drunk people would say or do as they came through our line. One work night, I was unfortunately stuck working downstairs watching cameras and I couldn't joke with that beautiful girl. So, before the clubs opened I went upstairs to talk to her and I said "we aren't friends until we are Facebook friends." This very smooth line gained me access to message with her online and talk to her outside of work. To my surprise, one morning I had a message from her asking if I missed working with her the night before. I, of course, did and was happy to be able to talk to her more. Our friendship grew, but I knew I really liked her so I decided that I was going to ask her out the next chance I got. She ended up coming through a line I was working in one night. I checked her ID and she went into the club with her work friends. A short while later, I bet one of her friends $2 that she couldn't get her to come back out. I lost the bet, but I took that opportunity to ask her out. Lucky for me she said yes! We had gone on several dates and I knew that soon she would be leaving to study abroad in Australia. While she was gone, we didn't talk as much, but I didn't forget about her. To this day, my mom still reminds me how I would talk about her while she was gone. A short time later, I got a message from her saying that she was home and wanted to catch up. We made plans and the rest is history. I couldn't be happier.