Melendez 2023


Ezequiel Melendez


Kimberly Castillo


October 7, 2023

Newman, CA

How we Met

July 17, 2021

We share a common friend, Cynthia Garcia who had previously tried to set us up. One day at a bbq, she asked me to give him a chance in her own words "Andale amiga, he's such a good guy! I would not set you up if he wasn't". So July 10th It was set for us to meet but due to other circumstances we did not meet that day so another fail haha. Finally on July 17th, I was invited to go to Zeek's brothers house (Lupita & Daniel), I had just finished my overnight shift as a night nurse and was iffy about going! My sister and Cynthia both text me and convinced me to go. I showed up in my scrubs, tired and hungry! As the night went on, Zeek asked me to dance and small talk began. By the end of the night we exchanged snapchats and he then asked me for my cellphone number. We talked for about 2 hours on the phone that night and we both said "It feels like I've known you forever". From that moment on, we talked daily and he asked me to be his girlfriend 2 weeks after on August 3rd. He has shown my boys and I, so much love and attention. To be able to attend congregation meetings together, share our love for Jehovah has been a such a blessing. We are very excited for our future together, and thank everyone for being a part of our special day!

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