Sydney & Ethan

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Ethan McKasson


Sydney Cravens

May 11, 2024

Clearwater, FL
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High School Sweethearts

So, let me take you back to where it all began, a chapter of our lives that's stamped in our hearts forever. We go way back to when we were just a couple of kids, living in the same close-knit neighborhood. Those were the days of carefree laughter and endless adventures. Our shared love for soccer brought us together, running around the field with the wind in our hair. Little did I know that the person who kicked the ball alongside me would one day mean the world to me. As we grew, so did our bond. Life had its own plans, and initially, high school saw us taking different paths. Then came our junior year of high school. It was during this year that Ethan's interest in me took a new, heartwarming turn. I realized that the person who'd been a part of my life since childhood also held a special place in my heart. Looking back, our story speaks of the beauty of a love that was nurtured through time. From childhood playmates to high school sweethearts, we've seen each other through different phases of life. Our love for Jesus, constant support from friends and family, and the comfort of a friendship that stood the test of time became the foundation of something deeper. Our story reflects the beauty of a love that grew over time. And now, with a ring on my finger, I’m reminded of the incredible journey that has led us here. I look forward to writing the next chapters with the person who was once a playmate, a crush, and is now my partner for life.

The Proposal


Sydney, having flown from Dallas, had arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, to join Ethan and his family on their annual family vacation. Little did she know, this trip would be one she'd cherish for a lifetime. Ethan had planned a special evening, reserving a table at a charming Italian restaurant close to the beach. However, as fate would have it, the weather had other plans. Throughout dinner, Ethan found himself navigating a storm of his own, but this one consisted of rearranging every detail of his proposal. Sydney, unaware of the whirlwind of activity happening behind the scenes, enjoyed the evening, savoring the Italian cuisine and Ethan’s company. As the rain finally began to ease, a glimmer of hope emerged. Ethan suggested they walk to a nearby beachfront hotel across the street, where he had a Plan B in place for the proposal. To his surprise, Sydney, suggested they walk along the beach first, now that the rain had magically subsided. Ethan agreed, slightly caught off guard by Sydney's seamless alignment with his original plan. The location was near where Ethan's nana resided, a place that held a special significance in their heart. They walked the beach, Ethan initiating deep and meaningful conversation. The conversation of how Ethan asked Sydney’s dad and grandpa for their blessing emerged. Ethan expressed it was a special moment between the three of them - filled with emotion - in a golf course parking lot after Ethan beat Sydney's Dad (never her papa though). Perfect timing! With the ocean in the background, and just the two of them on the beach, Ethan got down on one knee and asked Sydney to marry him. She said YES! See you in Clearwater, FL!

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