September 3, 2022
Seattle, WA

Ester & Courtney


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Courtney Holmes


Ester Kelly

September 3, 2022

Seattle, WA

The Beginning

June 2020

Our relationship began exactly how you would expect for two millennials slogging through a global pandemic: online, and with a lot of memes. Our first six weeks of dating were all outdoors. We got used to cooking for one another as we prepared picnics and talked for hours, enjoying Seattle's long summer days.

Going Inside

September 2020

Eventually, after a long outdoor courtship, Ester stopped by Courtney's apartment to deliver a surprise dessert, and Courtney invited her inside. A short visit turned into a 9-hour conversation, which turned into long weekends, homecooked meals, and cat cuddles. We fell in love before we knew it.

Moving In

July 2021

We moved in together in July 2021, when we snatched the perfect house off the bonkers Seattle rental market. We settled in right away. It felt natural. We made the house a home with our great taste and many, many plants. The cats love it almost as much as we do.

The Proposal

December 2021

We knew we wanted to get engaged and had been slyly discussing ring styles and sizes for a few months. Courtney purchased a ring and had it stashed in her purse for over two months before Ester finally proposed. The entire house was decorated in Christmas lights and flowers. Ester cried. Courtney ran to grab her purse and proposed right back. Obviously, we both said yes. The Christmas break was spent in newly engaged bliss.

Oh no we have to plan a wedding???

Present Day

Did you know that planning a wedding is really stressful!? But also kind of fun. And then stressful again! Good thing we have each other.

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