Erin & Mack


Mack Handel


Erin Madison

July 15, 2023

New Hope, PA
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The Story of Us

Completely by chance, Erin and Mack found each other at a small gathering of acquaintances. As Mack's roommate (and ride) abandoned him at the party, Erin graciously let him crash on her couch, and made pancakes in the morning. To repay the favor, Mack took her out to ice cream the very next day. The first summer was filled with fun, including baseball games and getting lost at our favorite hiking spot. Then as the summer ended and school began, it turned into library dates, as there was not time for anything else! We've had so many exciting milestones together, including getting into graduate school, moving across the country, becoming an officer, adopting the two loveliest pets, and lots and lots of proofreading papers. Yet, this milestone is one we are most excited for! So join us as we honor our love and dedication with our absolute favorite people. We cannot wait to celebrate with you all!