Erin & Gus

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Erin Creelman


Gus Walter

December 29, 2023

Cincinnati, OH
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How We Met

It's Spring of 2021 and Gus' middle sister, Mia, was having a conversation with her boss in a weekly 1:1. Mia mentioned her brother being newly single and brought up the idea of having the two of them meet. For those who don't know, Erin was Mia's boss. A few months later they both matched on Hinge and decided to take a chance. Gus took Erin to Forno in Hyde Park; and while they were there, Mia was apparently pacing and sweating out her nerves at home. Fast forward to a little over a year and a half later when Gus proposed on a December day in front of Music Hall. The night was one that will never be forgotten; they were so thankful to be with all the family and friends who came out to celebrate with them at Lisse afterwards. Gus and Erin are looking forward to 12/29/2023, where it's going to be yet again another December night full of celebrations with family and friends!

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