Bobby Foster


Erin Kroft

October 12, 2024

Ronks, PA
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How We Met


Decided to call off from work and head out the the VFW with my cousin Lauren and My mom, came in and Bobby and his Mom Eileen were in the back. Eileen was sitting with my mom, I had previously met here at my Aunts birthday party. We were sitting there talking and i was a little tipsy and me and Lauren started playing pool with Bobby. Needless to say 7 years later on our wedding date it will be 9 years here we are making it all worth it.

The Proposal


We were getting ready to go out with a bunch of friends for my birthday. Bobby asked me if I wanted my birthday gift early. I told him its up to him, he said alright ill give it to you now, but you need to close your eyes because I didnt wrap it. Which I already knew, because he don't wrap gifts. Autumn then told me again I needed to close my eyes, so I waited for Bobby to start coming down the steps till I closed my eyes, but before that he had told Camren to grab a Lego box and as Bobby was coming down the steps he shook the Lego box and asked me if I knew what he got me, I told him yea you got me my Lego, as they all told me to open my eyes he was down on his knee asking me to marry him. Needless to say I said YES!!