Erne & Alex


Alex Ivory


Erne Janse Van Rensburg

September 8, 2023

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How We Met

It all started the summer of 2014. Alex had a summer internship at the Sherwin Williams in Fishers and Erin had an internship that involved frequenting Sherwin Williams to buy paint. When Erin first walked into the paint shop, there was an immediate attraction between the two. They recognized each other from High School but had never officially met. A month or so of playful banter later they coincidentally ran into each other at the Dave Matthew’s Band concert with a group of mutual friends. Alex strategically let Erin borrow his sunglasses and asked for her number so he could find her later to get them back. The two haven’t stopped talking since. Alex and Erin were both going back to IU for senior year and their relationship continued to blossom. From weeknights out, to tailgates and date parties, Alex and Erin were inseparable.

The Proposal

Erin decided that for her 30th birthday she wanted to get away somewhere warm and visit her sister, Alicia, in Austin. Unbeknownst to Erin, Alicia had been planning for Erin’s best friends, to surprise her and join in celebrating her birthday. This turned out to be a wonderful coincidence as Alex had been trying to think of when/where he could pop the question. Upon hearing that Erin’s friends were going to surprise her, he knew this would be the perfect time. Alicia and her boyfriend, Blake, planned a lunch and afternoon boat ride for the group that Erin thought was only for her birthday. Little did she know that a quick walk around Ladybird Lake before the boat would end up with Alex getting down on one knee to ask her to marry him. After a moment of initial shock and an “Alex, what are you doing? Get up, I know you’re joking!”, Erin erupted with happiness and gladly said “YES!” The two spent the next few days of the trip celebrating with champagne and pictures all over the beautiful Austin, TX scenery with a few of their closest friends. The birthday Erin was dreading turned out to be the best birthday ever!