Erika & Chioma

    Wedding Ceremony


Erika Opgenorth


Chioma Bekwelem


July 29, 2023

Syracuse, NY

How it started and how it is going

Beks side - After years of being skeptical about joining a dating app, it finally happened. Beks decided to do some friend searching on dating apps, after a month, I ran into this pretty girl who stayed few miles away and added her. We started chatting as I kept an open mind. The chats started from every 3 days to daily and more frequent. 3 weeks down the line we decided we wanted to go on a date. Fast forward to date night…….. Beks super excited took hours searching for restaurants and decided. “Well if you are fine with it , I can cook and you can try out my food. I am a good chef and would like you to give me a chance to prove it”… Erika.. “sure”!. I went grocery shopping and got my A- game on point. I made some steak and veggies, plated it pretty nice and was ready to impress this young pretty girl…. Fast forward to date time….. A knock on the door…. “Knock knock”.. it was Erika. We hugged and at that point I was blown off my feet. This girl was so much more pretty and welcoming in person. “Wow” I whispered in my head and said “jackpot!!”. We spent the rest of the evening having dinner and sharing stories. Time flew by and it was the best night I had in a long time. We kept caching up and seeing more often. One month later, my parents flew in from Minnesota to see me on their trip from Africa…. I had told them about this beautiful girl with a pure soul. “Erika”. I called her and asked if she would like to meet them, since they visit once a year…Erika said “sure”!. Fast forward to meeting Beks’s parent…. Erika showed up in her pretty orange dress, hair all made and a beautiful smile on her face with a flower for my parents. The evening was amazing and Beks ended up as a photographer. Taking pictures of 3 of them LOL. 2 weeks later. Erika decided it was time to meet her dad. Whew! I was happy and ready. Fast forward to Beks meeting Erika’s dad. I called that morning.. “Hey Erika what does your dad like to drink”. Erika said… “anything colored”. I went to the store, made a wild guess and got a bottle. I met Erika’s dad Jim and he introduced me to his detective friend next door. We ate had a great time and the evening was awesome. 2 days after I knew this was the right time to pop the question. Erika and Beks were driving and Beks asked. “Hey would you be my girlfriend” and she said YES- (8/30/2021). We started dating and it was the best time of our lives. We never argued about anything. Everything was smooth and we understood ourselves so easily and we knew we were meant to be forever. Beks decided it was time to take the next step. Fast forward to engagement plans. After talking to family about his plans. Beks decided to go ask Jim for permission on he’s intention to spend the rest of his life with Erika. That great evening, Beks went with a bottle of wine and told Jim the plan. The night ended with hugs for minutes both crying “tears of joy” this meant a whole lot to Beks. Four weeks of planing the engagement. June 19th 2022, I asked Erika to be my wife and spend the rest of her life with me. She said YES. I am so grateful and happy I met Erika my soulmate. Erika’s side - I was FaceTiming a friend playing our nightly game of Tinder Swipe. I saw a handsome man holding a dog, and a crate in the background. I thought to myself “wow a man who crates his dog. I respect that” and the rest was history.

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