Cassandra & Eric



Cassandra Ntiamoah


Eric Ayim

July 1, 2023

Douglasville, GA

Love at first sight !

By Eric Ayim

#foryourCasE2023 Want to know what they mean when they say “Love at first sight”??. Well, the love story of Cassandric(Cassandra &Eric) began on a hot Sunday afternoon in Kumasi, Ghana while another couples were tying their knot and celebrating their marriage . In fact, it was on July 25, 2021 at the thanksgiving service of Derek and Ama’s wedding. We sat across each other and made an eye contact which happened to be love at first sight. I was overwhelmed by her beauty and started to introduce myself. The beautiful smile, the way she carried herself, and the tone of her voice not only made my heart melt but I realized I have indeed met my queen. After briefly getting to know each other at the event, I proceeded to invite Cassandra out to a shindig I was planning on attending later on that evening. Initially i don’t think she was interested in coming but I think she couldn’t resist the muscles or maybe it was my shiny beard but she eventually decided to show up. The night was filled with so much love, fun and joy. We were so intrigued and deep in conversations that a nearby local phone swiper velociously snatched her phone away and we were unable to get him. As gelastic as it may sound, this situation changed the mood of the night and unfortunately, we both had to eventually return to our place of lodging after a few attempts to retrieve it. We both had to travel early in the morning and i ended up staying an extra day in an attempt to trace and retrieve her phone but it was unsuccessful. This ultimately led not having any type communication with each other. Communications were cut and I had no idea if I’d hear from her again. I tell you, “If it’s meant to be, IT IS MEANT TO BE”, because after a few weeks of detective work, DMs and prayers, i was able to get back in touch and the connection even grew stronger. Throughout the journey of dating and courting, I’ve understood and we’ve became the epitome of “Love goes where love is” and this is the story of the Cassandric #foryourCasE2023

True love

By Cassandra

Everyone says you'll never forget your first love feeling and it's absolutely true. There's nothing like the feeling of falling in love and the first time you feel that spark, you're changed for good. It's sort of an indescribable thing. When I first saw Eric, it was fireworks from the moment our eyes locked in, as we sat across the table and stared at each other. I was like “Damn! Who’s this edible man looking like a snack?!”, lol. We didn’t talk much because I was a bit busy eating TuoZaafi, but after eating as I walked out he followed behind to ask for my number and invite me out later that night. We literally spent the whole night dancing, talking and laughing. It was as if we’d known each other our whole lives. It’s always been him since Day 1 and it will continue to be him. I can’t wait to be your Mrs and we are locked in for life, Boga 1.

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