Erica & Edward







September 3, 2023

Okeechobee, FL
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Summer Love

Our story begins when Erica traveled across the country to complete a summer internship in Miami, FL. The same day she arrived she was introduced to Edward. They met on fourth street in front of the apartment building where she would be spending the summer. Edward was simply there to hand over the keys to her summer home - little did they know that simple interaction would change their lives forever. That day they went on to have lunch and run errands together. Erica and Edward became inseparable in the summer of 2017, hanging out every weekend exploring every beach and bar in South Florida. The Fourth of July weekend was no different, they met up and headed out to Fort Lauderdale beach and it was there under the moonlight sky and the bursts of fireworks where Edward realized he was falling in love with Erica. It would be a few weeks later that he confessed his love and she met him with the same feelings of excitement and joy. They would share their first kiss and made their relationship official July 24th 2017. They enjoyed each other's company the rest of the summer and after that never spent another summer apart. Erica made the big move from Stockton Cali to south Florida. After five wonderful years together Edward popped the question and asked for Erica's hand in marriage. And now we’re here, getting married on September 3, 2023!