Stephanie & Ethan





October 14, 2023

Phoenix, AZ

How we met

Our great life together started at Goodyear. Goodyear Animal Hospital that is.

Our story begins with both of us doing what we love- working with animals. Stephanie had been working at the hospital when Ethan began his externship. We were paired together, and immediately became great friends and colleagues. Little did we know that this pairing would change our lives for the better. Over the years of working together we built a solid foundation of a friendship, that would turn into a beautiful relationship. Stephanie adores Ethan’s harmonious way of being, his loyalty, and his integrity. Ethan adores Stephanie’s sweet hearted nature, her loyalty, and her humor. Together, I would say we make quite the team. All good things take time, and we have a lifetime for great things together.

The proposal

We had been planning on marriage and a wedding for a while and more or less skipped the traditional proposal surprise. Ethan picked out the ring and planned a sweet private proposal with the help of Nora. On the way to a family lunch the two surprised Stephanie while getting ready at home. Nora was in charge of holding onto the ring box and still takes her job very seriously.

How we've grown

We worked together for a number of years before pursuing a relationship. As two people working in veterinary medicine it was only a short matter of time before we adopted a pet together. Kit is our 6-year-old Collie/Australian Shephard mix. Nora came along 2 years later and is very much an animal lover. Lastly, we adopted a rescue kitten this year name Leika(meaning Angel in Dutch).