Welcome! Please scroll down for venue info and check the menu for our registry!
Welcome! Please scroll down for venue info and check the menu for our registry!

Michael & Emilie


Watercolor BrushstrokeWatercolor Brushstroke

Michael Mendoza


Emilie Choi


Pine Creek Nursery

Monroe WA

July 9


Wedding Venue and Schedule

Pine Creek Nursery, 23225 Sofie Road, Monroe, WA, 98272 Guest arrival 3:30-4pm Ceremony 4pm Cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony Dinner 6pm Ice cream cart and cupcakes available after dinner! First dance and money dance 7:15pm Dance the night away!

Parking, Accessibility, Kid Info, and Dietary Needs

There will be a large parking lot on-site that will be able to accommodate everybody. There won't be designated handicap parking; however, there will be a loading area right by the building entrance. The ceremony will be on the lawn, and cocktail hour/reception will be on the paved patio area. Seating will be outdoors for both ceremony and reception. The areas will be uncovered, but there will be shade provided by tall hedges, trees, and patio umbrellas, and the sun will set behind the building, so we won't be in the blazing sun for too long. Once the ceremony is over, there will be lawn games set up, as well as two photobooths (one will be set up for the kids). The property is big and we are allowed to explore; however, children are not allowed to wander unattended. Please also be mindful of the property and do not pick the flowers. Dinner will be buffet-style and include options for people with allergies. There will be no dishes with nuts. Anyone who has indicated a need for a vegan meal will be able to get one specially prepared by the kitchen. Dessert will include gluten-free and vegan options.

Guest Book, Photobooth, and the Money Dance!

We won't have a guest book at the entrance. Instead, we're going to put it by the photobooth. Please be sure to print out an extra photo to put in our guest book and sign your names! After our first dance, we will be participating in the Money Dance, where guests can pin money to the bride and groom (pins provided). Bring cash if you would like to participate! For more information on this tradition, check out this link: https://www.filipinowedding.com/blogs/wedding-blog/filipino-money-dance-at-your-wedding

How We Met

A road trip pursuit

Michael decided he had had enough of living with his parents, so he set out on a 5-month long road trip to trial several cities along his route. However, just before he left, he and Emilie matched on a dating app. After he told her he would be unavailable for quite some time, she agreed to pick things up when he got back. But it wasn't even a couple weeks later when she messaged him, seeing if they could meet up during the trip, as she had plans to travel with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Unfortunately, the dates didn't line up but Emilie kept texting him, anyway. Thinking nothing could come of it, he wondered if he should keep corresponding, but his hesitations were calmed thanks to the guidance of his cousins (as he was now in SoCal visiting them). And contrastingly, thus continued Emilie's pursuit of him! When he wanted get her number, she asked first (and on his birthday - he says it's his best birthday present ever). When he wanted to call her, she again suggested first. And when he knew he loved her, again she said it first. It wasn't but a month later that he cut his road trip short in Phoenix to race back to Seattle to be with her. They had a small wedding in August and have been inseparable since. If you're wondering, "Wait...they already had a wedding? Where was I?" Well of course they would like to celebrate with you, too! And that's what this celebration is all about!

For all the days along the way
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