Josh & Emma


Josh Messner


Emma Carney

July 27, 2023

Escondido, CA
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How We Met

We met in 2018, Emma was working at Target part time during Nursing School. Josh had found his way into Target to get a job there as well, not knowing Emma was there. On Josh's first day of work, Emma was supposed to train him, but unfortunately she called in sick. She did not know she was supposed to train him, or she may have made an appearance. Days went by without us meeting still until Emma came into work and was introduced to Josh as a new team member. We became acquaintances during Emma's time at Target and then it was time for her to part ways and she quit. But, don't worry we stayed in touch, as friends of course. Later on that year in 2018, Josh had invited Emma to attend his college group through his church. Emma went once then decided not to return. In January of 2019, Emma had reached back out to Josh because he had given up on trying to talk to her. Josh came over to Emma's house for a jacuzzi night and dinner, still just as friends. The next couple weeks consisted of late night Krispy Kreme runs and listening to music. Eventually friends became something more as we appreciated being in each other's company. We officially started dating February 4, 2019. Years have gone by of sharing our love for one another as we made experiences full of laughter and fun. To make it through covid was a challenge in itself, but it was all worth it. From all the exciting trips and unconditional love we share, we knew that we could not imagine our lives with anyone else. Then, Josh got down on one knee on October 8, 2022, and asked Emma to spend forever with him. Of course it was a yes! We are both so grateful for the love we have found and can't wait to have a lifetime together.