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Emily Wagner


Logan Raleigh




October 13


A Story Seven Years in the Making

2014-2021/2016-2023 & Beyond

We met at Northern Kentucky University thanks to Greek Life. Logan was pledging Theta Chi Fraternity while Emily was a new member in Theta Phi Alpha. We had wound up meeting briefly through one of his pledge brothers, Steven, at the mixer, but never truly connected. Going our separate ways, we thought nothing of it. Little did we know that we would reconnect a couple of weeks later when hanging out with Steven and Emily's sorority sister, Jules. We began dating in November of 2014 and it lasted for about 6 months before we unfortunately split. We had talked on and off through our time apart from one another but didn't reach out to one another very much until Logan's 21st birthday. Emily reached out to wish Logan a happy birthday and we planned on meeting up the next night to grab a super late dinner after he celebrated with some friends. It only took a month and a half after that night before we decided to give a relationship between us another shot on December 1, 2016, and we have been together ever since! We met back in 2014, almost seven years before he proposed (2021) , and by the time we get married (2023), we will be coming up on our seventh anniversary back together (2016).

Escaping the Dating Scene

August 13, 2021

We have been escape room enthusiasts for most of our relationship since we started dating again in December of 2016. Emily had done at least one with a few sorority sisters over the years prior and Logan had not done one until Austin Fitzhugh (Fitz), one of Logan's friends from high school, came home and brought him to his first one. Prior to the day of the proposal, we had completed 18 escape rooms together and had only lost two of those rooms. Our favorite escape room company is The Escape Game down at the Banks in Cincinnati. When we found out that they were bringing the room "Playground" to Cincinnati, we decided to bring in the big guns of our Escape Room Crew. In order to do so we would have to wait a few months for Fitz to come home from the Navy. Little did Emily know that Logan had wanted to plan for the room to be where he would propose. In Playground, you play as fourth graders attempting to finish school before summer so you can play in the big kickball tournament against fifth graders (a big deal at that age)! With some help, Logan had organized with T.E.G. to plant the ring box in place of the kickball that you would get at the end of the room signaling completion. In the room, everyone was working on each puzzle as if it was a normal room and we had plenty of time on the clock left. We all were searching for the final code before Emily figured out the code. Logan ran to punch the code in, knowing that was where the ring was, as Emily followed completely oblivious to what would happen next. As soon as the ring box came up, she knew. With instant, happy tears, she had said yes! We couldn't have gotten engaged in a better way!

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