Emily & Jason


We are getting married!


Jason Weaver


Emily Linquist


May 4, 2024

Punta Canta, Dominican Republic
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How We Met

First comes a summer job, then marriage!

Jason and I first met at a summer job I was interviewing for before college. We immediately hit it off with how much we had in common and between the tangents managed to get 1 question answered before he said "Oh by the way you are hired!" I went home that day elated that I did not have to worry about finding a summer job but also spilling my guts to my mom about how cool the hiring manager was and we came from similar backgrounds and had a great conversation. As I worked there from May- August, the era of Pokemon Go in 2016 came alive and was particularly popular during that time. Everyone I knew was playing including associates in the breakroom. Jason happened to walk by noticing I was trying to "catch them all" and we got to talking about the game and what our current inventory was. Every interaction I had I kept thinking to myself " Wow this guy is awesome" and slowly but surely I had what I thought was an innocent crush before I start my life and go to college. I ended up loving working at Walmart but now I wonder if its because I got to see him everyday. One day he happened to come through my checkout line and I knew I was not going to be working there anymore so I told him " Hey just wanted to let you know, its my last day but I have loved my time here working with everyone." He ended up saying he would have to look me up sometime after to keep in touch on Facebook. I thought he was just being polite. Fast Forward 2-3 weeks later at college and a message and friend request popped into my facebook and I recognized the first name, once I clicked on the picture I was like what no way! The question posed was around my first car, a camaro I had and from that conversation the rest is history. We later found out just how much we had in common from our shared love of all things sports, cars, nerdy movies/ games (hence Star Wars wedding date) and goals in life. We have been together for almost 8 years now and currently live in Lee's Summit with our two huskies Jasmine & Stone and I can't picture my life without having met. So I have to give a big thank you to the one and only Walmart for bringing us together.

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