Emily & Isaac


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Watercolor Highlight

Isaac DeFord


Emily Wynthein

May 21, 2023

Elkader, IA

How We Met

First comes beef, then comes first date...

If you know Emily at all, you won't be surprised that she met Isaac through a beef connection. She had stopped in at Nathan and Melissa's house to deliver a 1/4 beef and she got some help carrying the beef in from Nathan's younger brother. That brother just happened to be Isaac. Emily honestly didn't think much of the quick interaction, but Isaac couldn't get the cute beef delivery girl out of his mind.

First Date

The tenacious young attorney...

Isaac finally built up the courage to cold call Emily and ask her out on their first date. But she didn't answer her phone! He left a message, which she didn't reply to for an entire weekend. The following Monday he sent a follow up text, and the scared beef delivery girl decided to give him a chance. But only coffee, dinner is too serious. And not Sidecar, Fat Cup is better. After chatting for 3 hours at the coffee shop, they decided they had a lot in common and this might be something nice.

Will they or Won't they

God's grace is sufficient...

The first few months were a struggle. Emily was busy working on her home remodel in Arlington, and Isaac wasn't sure she wanted to make time for him, or anything fun for that matter. Emily felt like all the change was too hard, and neither were sure if it would work out. But Isaac was patient and kind, and he didn't let the relationship die.

The Apple Orchard

The man doesn't even like apples...

After a long conversation about how the stress and pressure in Emily's life was spoiling any chance they might have, Isaac convinced Emily to have some fun. "Just spend a day with me... anything you like and we will do it," He said. Well, she had wanted to go to the apple orchard, so the orchard it was. This was a turning point. They spent the whole day together, visiting orchards and pie shops, and so much fun was had. They both decided this was a good thing, and everything sped up from here. By God's grace, hearts were turned toward one another.

The Proposal

We all hoped it would be on the Montana Trip...

Even though the relationship had a rocky start, it wasn't long before they both knew this was the one. By the new year, Emily was wondering when he planned on popping the question. She (and apparently all their friends and family) thought their ski trip to Montana would be the perfect time. Isaac had been preparing, but he wasn't sure when the perfect moment would be. The last day on the slopes felt right, and he decided to wait until the final run of the day to surprise her. As they were heading down the mountain, Isaac kept skiing in the trees trying to find a good spot, but Emily was tired and didn't want to follow him. Finally he had to make her ski over to him before she realized what was happening. He popped off his ski and got down on one knee. Luckily he did not drop the ring in the snow, and Emily said yes before he had even finished the question. It was perfect.

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