Emily & Greg







October 20, 2023

Lexington, KY
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How We Met

In December 2016, Emily came to Philadelphia to visit a friend from college. While at Reading Terminal, they spotted people dressed up as Santa. Never wanting to miss an adventure, they followed these Santas to the Field House. When they realized this was an event you needed tickets for, they charmed the bouncer and all three got in for the price of one. Meanwhile, Greg had been planning to go to this event and was already inside dressed to the nines, in his Christmas themed onesie. He was accompanied by all his friends also dressed in various Christmas outfits, the most memorable outfit being Olaf from Frozen. Sorry Greg, but you still caught my attention. Although the specifics of how we actually started talking are a little fuzzy, we both remember the ease and comfortability of the conversation. Greg wooed me with his Philly charm and I wooed him with my southern charm. However, I was moving my adventures onto Jersey City that night, so I left only a couple hours after meeting Greg. We exchanged numbers and I remember Greg telling me we would be pen pals. Shortly after, he sent me the sweetest text message and told his friends he had found his future wife. However, Greg being Greg, lost his phone that night and it wasn't for days later that he answered me back from his original message. Once he answered, we never went another day without talking. We did long distance for just under a year, visiting each other every couple of months. We had some fun adventures but, when I graduated from UK in 2017, I decided to move to Philly. In May 2022, Greg proposed at the Field House where we met.