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    Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

The Wedding Website of Emily Wolf and Eric Ciabattoni
THE WESTINGS' WILL Lord and Lady Westing have died in a tragic hot air balloon accident. You have been invited to a celebration of their lives and legacy. It will be a day of remembrance and gaiety (and possibly great reward!). The year is 1935 and there are rumblings of war across Europe. The Great War is still fresh in people’s memory and Germany is looking more militant by the day. Times are tough and the tragic death of this charming and exciting couple only further darkens the mood of the country. But something doesn’t seem quite right. Why did the Westings arrange this unusual party to read their will? Why did they invite crime-solvers as well as some of Europe’s and America’s more notorious personalities? Was their death truly an accident? -or- Is something more sinister in the wind?

Ethel Collins

the Westings’ cook

Georgie King

wealthy American big game hunter

Max Kuchler

Swiss arms manufacturer

Francesca Marcuzzi

elegant Italian viscountess and widow

Jack McGritt

no-nonsense private investigator

Marion Miles

world-renowned mystery writer

Frank Norris

the Westings’ gamekeeper

Camille Perroquet

famous French private investigator

William Smyth

the Westings’ loyal lawyer

Grace Stevens

charming and youthful American heiress

Superintendent Charles Stone

respected officer of the Metropolitan Police

Natalya Sudakova

talented ballerina from the Soviet Union

Helen Trout

middle-class London shopkeeper

Lord Jimmy Vaughn

charming and frivolous second son of a Duke

Morgan Vay

well-known German hypnotist and psychologist