Emily & Donnie


We are getting Married!

Donnie Brewer


Emily Minnis



March 30

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Every love story is beautiful, ours is my favorite

We are so happy to welcome our dear friends and beloved family to celebrate our special day with us. Your presence means the world to us, and we can't wait to share this moment of love and happiness together. Emily and Donnie first connected through the modern age of online dating, a simple "swipe right" ... and there it was, LOVE. As a true gentlemen, Donnie called Emily before meeting so they could both make sure they were real humans.. then very shortly after a phone conversation, they met at a local dive bar and shared beers and laughter. Funny thing is, Donnie asked Emily after their first date if she would go out with him again and in true Emily sassy fashion, she told him NO. .. It was a joke, but I don't think he quite knew her sense of humor yet. Second date, they met at a park for sushi. That was cute, Emily liked it. Third date, Emily cooked for Donnie. Donnie's Jeep also "broke down" that night in Emily's drive way.. was it a ploy?? .. we will never know. Well, you can all make your own ending to this love story, once Emily cooked for him.. he was sold, locked in. Ready to commit. .. kinda. They were "DLPs" for 3 years. "Domestic Life Partners" Donnie's daughter, Maddie. finally talked some sense into the man and he popped the question & they lived happily ever after. ;) Maybe it wasn't all Maddie, but we will let her take the credit.

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