Emily & Cory


Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Cory Haaf


Emily Steen

November 18, 2023

Bridgeton, NJ

To Haaf and To Hold

as told by Cory

Our story begins in 2015 at the University of Delaware where we met, sharing many nursing classes and clinical rotations together. While I knew I had a crush on Emily, it was not until one night at Grotto's on Main St. that she had actually made the first move, shooting a "Hey" in a Facebook message from across the bar. By the time I noticed the message, she was gone, but that did not stop me from eventually catching up with her for a few dates. Let's fast forward to 2020. With a lockdown occurring all over the world, we were only left to communicate on our phones and computers from home. It was my turn to shoot my shot, and I did so by messaging her on Snapchat. Snaps turned into texts, and texts turned into the planning of Emily's first visit to Baltimore. When the day came for Emily to drive 3 hours south to visit, I anxiously awaited her text or call to tell me that there was an emergency and that she had to stay home in Hoboken. The stress carried by that thought was nothing compared to the knots in my stomach about her actual arrival. And there she was, walking down Collington Avenue towards me awaiting her on the front steps. Thus began our first weekend together. We did not part ways until we made a plan for the next visit. The lengthy drives between Maryland and New Jersey proved to be worth it very quickly, as we made our relationship official later that summer and began to make plans for our future together. Emily and our beloved cat, Benny, moved to Baltimore in the Fall of 2021. We were finally doing it; living together, laughing with each other, and falling completely in love with one another. Our best days are spent hanging out, rock climbing, going on outdoor adventures, and ultimately ending with cuddling on the couch. I surprised Emily when I got down on one knee while overlooking the sunset on Mt. Jefferson in West Jefferson, North Carolina last August. I wept tears of joy when she agreed to marry me. Surrounded by family, we celebrated and thus began the anticipation and excitement of our marriage. We are beyond thrilled to be wed amongst family and close friends this November, and cannot wait to share a celebration for the beginning of the rest of our lives together!

For all the days along the way
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